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    Sofa that will be logged and geocoded in the Proova app

    How does it work?

    Whatever it is your company does, it probably possesses a lot more valuable assets than you realise. What would happen if you experienced a loss, fire or break-in ? Let's keep it straightforward: when you close up for the day, a laptop gets stolen out of a window by a sophisticated thief. Instantly, problems arise for example: which specification was it? Do you have the invoice ? What accessories was it equipped with?


    These questions become increasingly difficult depending on the item, or the scale of the break-in. Could you imagine describing everything in your office, workshop or van purely off of memory?


    This is where Proova.com comes in.

    Taking a photo of a laptop  in the Proova app

    Proova makes it simple

    First things first, register on our app where we will ID you and your business. The next step is to take pictures of all your valuable work equipment, IT, tools, furniture and assets including stock. All this data is geocoded and verified by AI. The images and data are saved in a vault in case the worst happens.

    A valuable item that will be logged in the Proova vault

    A business insurance claim happens...

    The worst has happened and a claim occurs, you simply give your insurer a link to your vault created by the Proova app. This way they can conveniently download images followed by a description of each item. The insurer immediately knows who you are, where you had your valuables and what valuables you had. This removes the need for additional verification in 99% of cases meaning you should get your claim paid, faster.

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    Could you write a list of everything in your business or prove what you had?