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    Proova - How does it work?

    How does it work?

    Let's use a simple example of your computer. You use it for work, emails, online banking, streaming, reading news etc. Example, say there was a spillage, you dropped something on it or worst stil it's stolen due to a break-in. How do you prove what computer you had and what spec it was?


    These questions become increasingly complex to answer depending on the item whether it be your laptop, phone or jewellery. Could you imagine describing everything in your house just based on your own memory? Or, even harder, everything you took on holiday or every mark on a hire car you just collected?


    This is where Proova.com comes in.

    Proova makes personal insurance simple

    Personal insurance made simple...

    First things first: Download the Proova app and register. After we have verified your identity, you just need to simply snap images of everything you own which AI will use to give each image it's own unique geocode. Finally, the images are verified using AI and on screen guides. The main purpose of the Proova app is that, if the worst happens and a claim is made, the images and essential data are stored safely in a vault within the app.





    Proova household insurance claim

    A household insurance claim happens

    The worst has happened; a claim, loss or break-in of any sort occurs, you simply give your insurer a secure link to your vault(automatic if you're insured with a partner insurer). The insurer can download images of each item, a description of the item and data proving whether you infact had the item or not


    The insurer immediately knows who you are, where you had your stuff and what you had. You can even upload images or videos of damage or the break-in. This removes the need for additional verification in 99% of cases meaning you should get your claim paid, faster.

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