• About Proova.com

    Proova was developed to simplify the process of filing insurance claims for both customers and insurers. Simply put, for a consumer, it means that they will be compensated for what they had at the time of their claim, and for the insurance industry, it means that claims are streamlined when clients provide documentation of what they had and where they had it via the Proova app.


    Proova.com was created by industry professionals who were in need of a cover solution in their own world; as with everything else, this is where great ideas originate. This simple app serves as a vault and thorough record of your possessions, assets, and priceless items. If the worst-case scenario arises, Proova can prove what you had and where had it. As an insurer, this eliminates the need for costly loss adjusters, expedites cases, lowers administrative costs, and reduces fraud.